At POSITIVE MIND B9 PHARMA, we approach every new product opportunity uniquely by evaluating the Indian Pharmaceutical landscape in an Integrative manner.

Our collaborative relationship with our partners is critical to achieve mutual success and is fundamental to our organization.
Our Integrative approach leaves us well-positioned to bring value to our partners, Indian patients and Indian health care professionals.

What are we looking for in a partnership?

We seek partners with commercial opportunities.

POSITIVE MIND B9 PHARMA is focused on collaborations, in-licensing and acquisitions of assets which have either first in class or best in class potential in all 9 classification of diseases

  1. Physical diseases.
  2. Mental diseases.
  3. Infectious diseases.
  4. Non-infectious diseases.
  5. Deficiency diseases.
  6. Inherited diseases.
  7. Degenerative diseases.
  8. Social diseases.
  9. Self-inflicted diseases.

POSITIVE MIND B9 PHARMA aims to become India’s preferred wellness partner and In-license partner for Global companies in India in all the disease classes mentioned.

We seek partnerships on global and India level.

What are we NOT looking for in a partnership?

  • Re- purposed medicines
  • Products that do not provide sufficient differentiation from standard of Care
  • Generics and biosimilar
  • Cosmetic / Aesthetic products

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